Over 20 million currently enslaved

Human Trafficking is not an abstract concept to merely discuss. It is a very real and evil horror that is currently tormenting 20 – 25 million humans who have little to no hope of change.

For the woman chained to a sewing machine in a factory, the child imprisoned in a brothel, and the man enslaved on a fishing boat there is no luxury of considering the academic concepts of modern slavery; they live it daily.

Of those 20 – 25 million slaves, on average only 0.4% will be freed each year. This is a completely unacceptable number that honestly should embarrass humanity as a whole. 0.4% means that current efforts are failing.

ATLAS takes a different approach to rescue. As seasoned Special Forces veterans, we are men and women of action who are uniquely capable to make real and lasting impact towards rescuing not 0.4%, but all humans who are currently suffering the indignity of slavery.

Our approach is straightforward, but it is by no means easy. We send handpicked Special Forces veterans to the most dangerous and largest hubs of human trafficking where they perform two monumentally important tasks.

Train anti human trafficking police and military units in serious, no nonsense, effective tactics and techniques. By training an elite cadre of anti human trafficking forces in the areas they are most needed, we create an asymmetric assault on modern slave traders that has never been done before.
Partner with local anti trafficking police units to provide operational assistance in rescuing victims and arresting the criminals. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our host nation allies we are able to not only help by providing elite soldiers, but we demonstrate our commitment to both our partners and to humanity.
We fight slavery. We fight together. We fight to the end.


To Success

Why Only 0.4% Are Freed

Jurisdiction &

Law enforcement can’t simply pursue criminals throughout different countries and jurisdictions. Legal authority stops at every border and human traffickers take advantage of this limitation.


Tactical training and operations are very expensive. There is little to no economic incentive to target this crime, so limited funding is only provided by certain governments and charities. This is in contrast with, according to a 2017 report from the ILO, an estimated annual $150 Billion dollars earned by human traffickers.


Very few people in the world are experts in tactics and operations, but there is no shortage of people claiming to be. Many “trainers” today may mean well, but good intentions are not sufficient when the stakes are life or death. The extreme scarcity of qualified experts makes this problem even worse, as few people are even qualified to recognize bad training.


Hostage rescue missions are the most dangerous and complex missions to execute.


Human trafficking exists for one simple reason: economics. As long as the financial rewards and economic opportunities of engaging in trafficking outweigh alternative options, slavery will persist.


How We Help


As a private organization, we are not limited by jurisdictional boundaries or political associations. Generally speaking, all we need to operate in a new country or jurisdiction is a signed MOU from the host government.


Our cadre are the best on the planet at teaching tactics and operations. We earned our skillsets on the battlefield and we have taught these relevant skills to Military, Police, and Civilians around the world in dozens of languages.


By partnering and embedding with host nation law enforcement to conduct missions against human traffickers we are able to provide leadership, ethical guidance, and an operational commitment that demonstrates our shared dedication to ending this global problem.


A true Special Forces soldier embodies a warrior diplomat. The reality of fighting human trafficking is that diplomacy is frequently the most important tool at our disposal. Our professional and experienced personnel are the unique combination of being able to teach and conduct dangerous hostage rescue missions while also being adept at navigating the complex world of diplomacy.


Part of being a true expert is recognizing limitations. Every member of ATLAS realizes that while we can lead the individual battles against human trafficking, the war will be won by business and education. It is our job to create the window of opportunity to enable innovators and private enterprise to bring about real and lasting change to the economic struggles that created this war in the first place.


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