Founded by a Green Beret, we are Special Forces Veterans working relentlessly to live up to the Green Beret motto: “Free The Oppressed.”

We do this by finding and eliminating human trafficking, slavery, and child labor.
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We are ATLAS Rescue, a 501c3 organization conducting Counter Human Trafficking operations.

Our culture in Special Forces is one of “Quiet Professionalism.”
What that means in more direct terms is “do the job well and then keep your mouth shut.”

Transitioning from Quiet Professionalism into the nonprofit world where the ability to fund missions relies almost entirely on our ability to self-promote is admittedly pretty challenging for us. So, we sought advice from people who have successfully raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations.

According to the counsel from those advisers, we are evidently supposed to show you photos and bios of our Special Forces teams, detail the harrowing events of the Counter Human Trafficking missions we have conducted to illustrate why our approach is so effective, and to give you an idea of our global reach we should list the various countries across nearly every continent where our teams have operated. 

Unfortunately, we can’t do that.

We target large, powerful, and violent organizations who have chosen to enslave people for profit and routinely use violence to achieve their goals. We then covertly disrupt their criminal operations eliminating millions of dollars in illicit revenues while helping a lot of people along the way. The current estimated total of the losses we have created for offending organizations is in excess of one billion USD.

There is one primary reason why we do this work: help people who don't have the ability to help themselves. 

It is our belief that in order to continue helping people we must safeguard the identities of our teams, conceal the tactics and techniques that we employ to create results, and generally strive to eliminate any aspect of attribution that can expose our teams as being the responsible individuals who create consequences for human traffickers and help victims of human trafficking.

The limited content on this website is our current best effort to tell you what we do without compromising identities, missions, or techniques.

Welcome to Humanitarian Black Ops.  




Counter Human Trafficking missions are Special Operations Missions. Operational details are classified and are not to be discussed beyond a need-to-know basis. We do not publish our work.

Soft Rescues Aren't Enough

Reducing the number of trafficked positions is the objective. Saving one person from the trauma of trafficking only counts as a win so long as a different person does not take their place. End the trauma, don’t trade souls.

Human Rights

We believe that human dignity is based on the inalienable right to self-determination. Therefore, we only pursue cases where force, fraud, coercion, or control are evident or suspected.


Human trafficking is not just sex trafficking. It is labor trafficking. It is smuggling of humans. It is enslavement. It is control. Human trafficking is any extrajudicial elimination of self-determination.


We maintain incredibly rigorous hiring standards for the special forces personnel who work with us. With rare exception, we exclusively work only with individuals who have previously worked with our people, or as we call it “in network.”

This methodology enables us to maintain an infinitely higher standard than could be achieved through traditional hiring practices of only reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

An "in network" qualification might be a teammate with whom we fought side by side during countless gunfights, a bunk mate from basic training, or a partner during sniper school.

However the "in network" connection was created, it is born out of an environment where the capability, maturity, and character of the individual has been clearly demonstrated and is fully known to us before day 1.

Green Berets

Experts in all aspects of warfare, focused on teaching, training and embedding with foreign militaries to carry out dangerous and complex missions.


The best military force on the planet to carry out large scale surgical strikes and raid dangerous objectives with no option for failure. The epitome of discipline and professionalism.


The umbrella organization that unites us all. With too many special mission units and specialized organizations to succintly list from SWCC to SOAR, Delta to Devgru, and everything in between that officially does and doesn't exist.


Adaptive and Efficient in any operational environment. No matter the odds, SEALs will push through any obstacle.

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