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ATLAS Humanitarian Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit led by Special Operations Veterans who conduct Counter Human Trafficking Operations to systemically reduce the number of trafficked persons.


Counter Human Trafficking missions are Special Operations Missions. Operational details are classified and are not to be discussed beyond a need-to-know basis. We do not publish our work.

Reducing the number of trafficked positions is the objective. Saving one person from the trauma of trafficking only counts as a win so long as a different person does not take their place. End the trauma, don’t trade souls.

We believe that human dignity is based on the inalienable right to self-determination. Therefore, we only pursue cases where force, fraud, coercion, or control are evident or suspected.

Human trafficking is not just sex trafficking. It is labor trafficking. It is smuggling of humans. It is enslavement. It is control. Human trafficking is any extrajudicial elimination of self-determination.

Human dignity is based on the

inalienable right to self-determination 

Our symbol is the unification of special operations: Arrow, Trident, Lightning And Spear.

Working together we bring a variety of world class skills that have been hard earned on battlefields around the globe to help those most in need.


ATLAS Special Operations Veterans are the bedrock of everything that we do. Each SOV brings the strength, training, discipline, and unique style of their respective special ops unit to our team.


The best military force on the planet to carry out surgical strikes and raid dangerous objectives with no option for failure. The epitome of discipline and professionalism.


The United States Special Operations Command is charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Component Commands of the United States Armed Forces.

Green Berets

Experts in all aspects of warfare, focused on teaching, training and embedding with foreign militaries to carry out dangerous and complex missions.


Adaptive and Efficient in any operational environment. No matter the odds, SEALs will push through any obstacle.


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