ATLAS Rescue employs Special Ops veterans around the globe to help those in crisis: victims of human trafficking, families targeted by violent stalkers or criminals, missing persons, survivors in disaster zones, companies with high threat risks, and anyone needing catastrophe response services, prevention and training.

ATLAS Humanitarian Rescue, our nonprofit branch, works with people who cannot afford the luxury of highly specialized services. When other sources are unable to help, we provide hope to the disenfranchised. Our primary mission is fighting human trafficking. 

ATLAS Humanitarian Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization (donations are tax deductible,) and is registered with the United States Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls as a broker and exporter.  


Force Multiplier

This concept is based around a transfer of skills from one expert to multiple forces. By training highly vetted humanitarian forces in specific abilities focused towards protecting the innocent and stopping the bad guys, ATLAS Agents are able to multiply their impact and achieve much more than would otherwise be humanly possible.

This is the cornerstone of our anti human trafficking operations. We are not just a team of dedicated professionals; we create teams of dedicated professionals. 


As survival experts, ATLAS Agents are experienced deploying to disaster areas for standalone missions to conduct search and rescue, bring much needed supplies into hard to reach and dangerous areas, and teach survival training to organizations and individuals before, during, and after disaster strikes.

Anti-Human Trafficking

Slavery is unfortunately still very much a part of our world. With 20 – 30 million current victims of slavery out there and only 0.4% finding their way to freedom each year, something more must be done. ATLAS Agents partner with anti-trafficking forces around the world to bring the special operations solution to this unacceptable problem. As long as there is slavery, ATLAS will be out there fighting to liberate the oppressed.

Economic Development

ATLAS does a lot to bring specialized tactical skills to tackle some serious problems, but most of these problems only exist in the first place because of a lack of economic prospects in certain parts of the globe. The tactical approach treats the symptom of the disease, while the economic development approach is the cure. ATLAS partners with innovators and industry experts with the goal of not just enabling troubled areas to earn a living wage, but to enable an economic revolution.


Our symbol is the unification of special operations: Arrow, Trident, Lightning And Spear.

Working together we bring a variety of world class skills that have been hard earned on battlefields around the globe to help those most in need.


ATLAS Special Operations Forces – Veterans are the bedrock of everything that we do. Each SOF-V agent brings the strength, training, discipline, and unique style of their respective special ops unit to our team.


The best military force on the planet to carry out surgical strikes and raid dangerous objectives with no option for failure. The epitome of discipline and professionalism.


The United States Special Operations Command is charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Component Commands of the United States Armed Forces.

Green Berets

Experts in all aspects of warfare, focused on teaching, training and embedding with foreign militaries to carry out dangerous and complex missions.


Adaptive and Efficient in any operational environment. No matter the odds, SEALs will push through any obstacle.


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